Healthy Footwear

Shoes, Braces and Orthotics

Dr. Tracy utilizes a multitude of shoes, orthotics and braces to accommodate foot deformities and treat a variety of painful conditions. From proper shoe recommendations to custom casted orthotics and braces, Dr. Tracy and his caring staff are dedicated to get you back in the game.

Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes and diabetic orthotics are a covered service under Medicare part B. Dr. Tracy as a board certified podiatrist is able to evaluate, fit and dispense diabetic shoes and orthotics to those that qualify under Medicare guidelines. Please call our office to schedule your evaluation today.

Drop Foot Braces


Dr. Tracy is pleased to offer the latest in drop foot bracing, including the extremely light weight carbon fiber brace. For more complex foot and ankle deformities, Dr. Tracy utilizes full contact casting techniques to fabricate custom molded braces to accommodate and correct foot and ankle deformities.

Compression Stockings


Dr. Tracy carries a variety of compression stockings to treat and prevent edema, varicose veins and tired aching legs. In addition, Dr. Tracy recommends wearing compression stocking during long periods of travel where the legs are in a dependent position for long periods of time. Dr. Tracy stocks a variety of compressions that are much easier to put on and are not so tight as to reduce circulation.


Orthotics both off the shelf and custom molded are frequently utilized to treat heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, flat foot and a multitude of foot and ankle disorders. For patients where an off the shelf orthotic is indicated, Dr. Tracy can usually dispense them on your first visit as he keeps a variety of sizes and types in stock. Custom molded orthotics require casting, which Dr. Tracy personally performs on all patients, and are fabricated at several outside facilities depending on the type necessary to treat your specific condition.

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